WWE 2K22 Triple H vs The Rock Epic Gameplay!

More WWE 2K22 Gameplay on PS5, on this one featuring HHH vs The Rock in WrestleMania 37 Arena.

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  1. They should’ve kept the fundamentals and controls from 2k19 with these new mechanics. We all know they will never execute the elite, perfect 2k wrestling game, because all these releases are a cash grab, period. Especially now since games of this genre are simulation based and have lost their arcade-like creativity like grabbing weapons from the crowd or blood spilling in the ring and it staying there throughout the match. Hell, even when it DISAPPEARED after awhile, it was still the fun of it all.

  2. Honestly I'm not a fan of that 2K's dodge, defend/cover up thingy along with the new strike animations. I think in a combat game that would make sense but not in a wrestling game where everything is choreographed. I hope they'd allow EA to make a WWE game, similar to how NBA. It's better to have competition.

  3. The problem I have with the 2k wwe games is that, the moves themselves seem so stiff and lack so much impact. The rock bottom and the pedigree just looks and feels stiff and not any impact whatsoever

  4. I've been enjoying WWE 2k22 so far. Still need to work on my defense and counters but so far this has been a great experience. Already pretty deep in MyRise career mode. Currently the NXT North American champion.

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