WWE 2K22: AJ Styles vs Edge Gameplay – Legend Difficulty

A sneak peak of their Wrestlemania showdown, here’s a look at AJ Styles vs Edge in WWE 2K22, played on Legend difficulty.

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  1. The insane amount of effort put into this game.. imagine animating thousands of moves and their counters for hundreds of different characters then make commentary for every single move.. huge respect to the developers of this game

  2. Mma and we’ll the UFC absolutely KILLED WWE lol it’s sad it’s even still going on. It even looks fake in video games. What’s the point of being a grown man and playing make believe for five year olds…. Lol

  3. How did the “best” tnt wrestler take over wwe in the 2010’s lmaooo!! That’s why wwe is dead today cause of wwe making meth head looking dudes like cm punk aj styles the main guys…

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