In this video, I played The Monster In VHS. This is Gameplay of WART in the new 4v1 Asymmetrical Horror Game VHS. Thanks to Hellbent Games for allowing me to be the first to show Monster Gameplay of VHS!

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  1. I believe that the game is a bit overhyped by the dbd community. Don't get your expectations up too high, sure it might be a good game.. but who knows how long it'll last. Sounds pessimistic, I know. I've just seen a lot of games get extremely hyped and then just die after a few months or a year.

  2. Game will be dead in a week and everyone will go back to DBD, just like every other clone that has been shit out in the past.

  3. Hey Dowsey, when do you think we could get another VHS gameplay video? I'm so stoked for this game and want to watch more content. This gameplay was insanely good. Huge congrats on beating the devs.

  4. Respectfully, DBD and VHS are different as heaven and earth, you can die here as a monster, in DBD, you can't, so…your 1000 hours of gameplay on DBD as a killer does not mean much. This requires you and everyone soon-to-play VHS a completely new strategy and set of skills. Still, a gratitude for sharing a video.

  5. I'm actually so hype for this game – side note, I'd be careful about showcasing some of these 'silly' cosmetics as it might turn some people off initially seeing the big bad swamp monster having green plushy dinosaur hands. They might not realize it is a cosmetic to begin with

  6. Having my fingers crossed that this game will come out on xbox a little bit after p.c. because i really wanna try it

  7. I love that it had no down time whatsoever, no searching and searching, it makes me excited to play when I want pure action.

    Also love how gentle Wart opens Lockers and closes them compared to every DBD Killer lol

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