V Rising: 9 Minutes of Survival Gameplay

V Rising is a new survival top down MMORPG that features vampires battling for survival and rule of the land. You can build your own castles, forts, and resource farming machines to establish your territory. However, standing in the sun for too long will cause you to burn and take damage, but luckily the world is yours and you can regain blood and health from feeding off animals and living creatures in the realm. Here is 9 minutes of starting gameplay in V Rising with character creation, building, combat, and the first boss fight.

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  1. Imagine if this had been a deep complex single player RPG. But nope, gotta go for the easy MMORPG money 🙁

  2. Olá, tudo bem!! Nossa, sensacional seu conteúdo….parabéns…!! Nós somos do VIDA DE 3, se puder dar uma força lá para nosso canal…agradecemos…ainda estamos no início mas com conteúdos excelentes por aqui..fazendo o melhor a cada vídeo!! Obrigado. Deus abençoe

  3. Its always so painful to watch IGN gameplay. Its like watching an elderly person figure out gaming for the first time. Most of the time they cant even turn the camera and attack at the same time.

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