Using a NUKE to Destroy a SHIP – Teardown Mods Gameplay

Using a NUKE to Destroy a SHIP – Teardown Mods Gameplay

I’ve downloaded a bunch of new mods and maps, such as the ‘click to explode’ tool and SCP-106 chamber map. I also went back on the plane crash map to try out some new smoke effects. More Teardown destruction on the way so make sure to like and subscribe!

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  1. Fudgy: what's this??? * clicks the button that said "Femur Breaker" * its terrifieing!

    The whole scp fandom: that my friend, are the sounds of a man screaming for mercy and his mum while he got his Femur broken without painkillers or anything to make it painless

  2. Day 1 of asking fudgy to make the army killer killer killer fight every non custom unit + make a giant trex looking like the biggest custom creature you have but make it have more armor and have 10 snake heads on its sides and therizinosaur hands.

  3. Day 1 oh asking fudgy to Make a hill giant that's half robot and a steel tentecal on the half robot side and the regular tentalcal on the other side with bone spikes on it and blades one the steel one

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