1. That it can bring a first person mode, because fifa and PES never did! So you won't be just one among many!

  2. Competition for FIFA can only be a good thing. Anyone who’s played that game for years knows how badly they have milked players. It’s absolute pay to win.

  3. Please please please God let this be the game that replaces FIFA because we are tired of paying for the same bullshit every fucking year.

  4. TAKE YOUR TIME . i dont give a fuck . I dont want this game to end up like efootball 22 . Polish it like fifa or maybe better 👍 .

  5. Çok fazla Beşiktaş’la alakalı şeyler görüyorum
    Merak etmeyin beyler içerdeyiz

  6. Cant wait to play this game 🙂 im also happy that a very small amount of ppl will buy FIFA 23! Stop Gambling, be fair and have fun with UFL gameplay when will be ready 🙂

  7. Please if anyone in the studio is seen this comment please make one for mobile no matter the Gb.

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