Torchlight Infinite Classes Gameplay Overview (Beta)

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Torchlight infinite is an upcoming aRPG releasing on mobile and PC with cross-platform play, no pay 2 win, and tons of build customization.

In this video, we look at gameplay of the character classes, including the new commander and the classic berseker.

No release date yet.

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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, Zaeith

Special thanks: John Dwyer,
Joshua Dotson,
Nazgren, Arcthorin,
Lamer of Sweden
, Neme5i5,
Nicholas Lautner
, Remiehneppo,
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  1. Wait what console? They are releasing this on console as well? I thought it was just a mobile and PC? Am I mistaken or did they announce a console release once the game is at full release?

  2. LOL feels like they wanted to make this a shooter with guns – look at the archer guy spamming magic missiles like a m,achine gun

  3. Why does it seem like they just sent you a video and a script to read from and this isn't actually you playing, nor your build?

  4. I lost all interest in the Torchlight series after Runic closed down. On top of some of the people who worked on Diablo and Diablo II and Torchlight and Torchlight II no longer being involved as well. As far as I am concerned, the series ended at Torchlight II.

  5. pay 2 win mobile bullshit and a punch in the dick for all torchlight fans. Like Torchlight 3. The Franchise is dead, raped, arisen, killed and raped again. Thanks. Bye. Put it on the Shitpile to Diablo Fuggmortal.

  6. ? type of phone do ye got: Maybe you can benefit here! Brands: Motorola, BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi! Based on Design & Gaming!

  7. I'm really curious about this. I hope it lives up to TL1 and 2. I still haven't played 3, as the price is too high and the criticisms are too biting.
    When it gets a PC release, I'll download it. Free is good…Although, I'd probably prefer this if it were a standard game release…

  8. is equipment visible on character? like if you get a new piece, does your model change when you equip it?

  9. I know many players aren't going to like the arcadey feel of this. But I loved it when D3 went that direction and this game went way up on my radar with the PoE style skills and essentially the "perk" system.

  10. I'll be playing it when it comes out to console but rn addicted to grim dawn, just got it last night

  11. Hello everyone , after the beta does everything will be reset back to zero ?? after the beta ends does everything does the progress will be erased ???

  12. if there is no fishing, the game is cursed. I'm avoiding it until fishing is confirmed. The lack of fishing contributed to what doomed Torchlight 3 feeling rushed and buggy.TL3 let me down, I'm not going back to TL until they add the fan service of a fishing minigame (it doesn't have to be a good mini game, just included as a head nod to fans, it was by far the most popular request for TL3. Now for me, its a deal breaker.

  13. Not really a fan, looks very cheap. The UI and the camera zoom level, it all feels very mobile-first, also the effects and animations during combat. If the game has as much depth as it seems then it'd be great if they can crank up the visual representation to that level as well.

  14. It seems really much better than Diablo Immortal, though I am waiting for a non-sponsored video.

  15. I feel like you are being too positive on the game with gacha system and buy to level mechanics. I understand you need to do sponsored stuff to get money, but it just kind of felt like you glossed over the negatives too much.

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