This Tactical FPS Game Is Criminally Underrated! – Zero Hour Gameplay

Back with some more Zero Hour, this time playing the thrilling Co-Op mode with some friends! Problem is, we’re not the best when it comes to making tactical callouts and working as a team – but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m having a lot of fun with this game at the moment so if you would like to see more Zero Hour on the channel then let it be known! Thanks for watching!

Playing with: @jackfrags @Fugglet @Aculite & @StoneMountain64

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Outro Song: Calling Me – Ooyy

About the game:
Zero Hour is a tactical FPS with online team-based game play that takes place in a variety of fictional locations interpreted in Bangladesh with Real-life scale & resource management. It brings a grounded, close quarter combat experience to the game. Zero Hour a serious slow-paced tactical shooter where good teamwork, tactics & planning is important. This is not a run and gun game

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▶ This Game Is Criminally Underrated… Zero Hour Gameplay


  1. Drop a like if you want to see more Zero Hour on the channel! Perhaps I can persuade the guys to join me for Round 2 and teach them to play more tactically? 😂

  2. I am dying laughing watching you guys! 🤣😂 I just downloaded the game a few weeks back and played it for a bit bcuz I always die 🤣😂

  3. After putting some time in both I can pretty safely say that Zero Hour is just a slightly less polished version of ground branch. Absolutely would play ground branch over zero hour amy day of the week

  4. Awesome video thank you for playing and proud to be a Bangladeshi
    Watching Bangladeshi game in an international surface

  5. just went to solo mode…i cant complete the first building. The terrorist acting like a surrender…and then baaammm…i am dead

  6. I like that when you die in this game it’s like one second your playing and a split second later your at the menu

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