Thirsty for More Vampire: The Masquerade Gameplay?

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I wish Twilight had come out when I was in high school. My more nuanced take on stalking and emotional abuse would’ve seemed much tamer by comparison.

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  1. Fun fact: Chiasm was the artist playing at that club, and she just came out with a new album that's fantastic.

  2. Oh fuck, they're going to the scariest fucking mission in the game. I've only played it once, every time since then I've had to noclip through it instead.

  3. the editing in is fantastic, but I really appreciated the Witcher 3 quest complete sound effect when Jacob got to dance

  4. That edit of Kelsey Grammer, I had no idea… THERE'S A FRAISER DAY? IS IT ALL ABOUT TOSSING SALAD AND SCRAMBLED EGGS?!

  5. The editing on this video is top notch, wouldn't be surprised if the editor was Elyse because of the voice over for her thoughts

  6. chopshop was the name of this restaurant where i live that a friend in high school invited me to to watch his ska band play and this was in 2015 Bruce wouldve been proud

  7. Will never stop appreciating Charlotte in these vids, she's amazing. The rest of the crew are bringing some fire too. Vampire: Punctuation – Tutorial is a beloved cult classic, but you guys are what's making these videos funny. The game is very secondary, even if it's sourcing the jokes, and that is so classically Funhaus. Love the editing, too, instrumental in every way.

  8. I went to the toilet halfway through and was sitting there when I heard CROWS! CROWS! KAWWWWW!!!!

    In another room you'd think someone was flicking through tv channels. News, horror movie, animal show, ocean house commercial…

  9. Like the prophecy hath foretold the young boy Jacob of house Fullerton has returned to the dance floor that has laid waste to so many vampires and their ferocious moves

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