THE S.W.A.T. GENRE IS BACK – Ready Or Not Alpha Gameplay with @TheDevildogGamer & @Onepeg

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  1. I can't believe they went through all those titles and landed on the one that is the same name of a SUPER popular horror movie.

  2. It’s pretty fun but still feels extremely unfinished for my taste. AI, character models, map design, the lack of a tutorial, lack of customization.. A game with great potential more than anything.

  3. Imagine being a hostage and you hear SWAT dudes: HAHA LMAO are these door breachable? AAA I THREW THE FLASHBANG IN THE WRONG DIRECTION

  4. Could someone help for a second. Can't find an answer online. So When I go to the steam app in windows, then to store, and search for this game, and yes I am spelling it right. The game doesn't appear. It seems as if its not there. But then when I go to google, and then to steam IN google, the game shows.

  5. Doors opened by destructive entry: IIII IIII III
    Doors opened like a sensible human being: II

    Definately wishlisting this.

    One thing though: Material penetration is cool and all but blindly hosing a trailer at 19:13 that might contain hostages? That's going on your record 😂

  6. First I was hype but then realized the people are just AI. Which kind of sucks, could of made the people you got to recuse the hostage from actual players and the game IMO would be so much better and skill based It could of even been better than R6S

  7. Bro hope they make it were your character earns income for doing well in missions so you can buy better gear and upgrade stuff nothing crazy but add a layer of options in the game like phosmophobia

  8. 9:29 damn that is so violent tho, the shooting experience is violent as hek. It make me wanna play it really badly, sadly im a poor non-working student.

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