The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine Experience Gameplay | Xbox Series X 4K

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine Experience | Xbox Series X 4K

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  1. This is where we eventually will live.
    The metaverse, a virtual world, just like real.
    Buckle up people because Kansas is going bye bye!

  2. If all this tech-demo can achieve is an onrails clicker w over scripted driving with an unwanted sjweirdo as the main protagonist I'd rather play a classic litegun game instead.

  3. While I really do appreciate you sharing the game, and it looks awesome, listening to a grown man orgasm while playing a video game isnt my idea of commentary. the first 30 minutes is you busting a nut while adding very little actual commentary or info, i had to stop viewing. But thank you for sharing. Just a bit of constructive criticism.

  4. It HAD to be The Matrix that showcases the bleeding edge of technical innovation. I hope they actually make a Matrix game with all this.

  5. Hi, This is the first video i've watched on your channel and I immediately subbed. Thank you for exploring the tech demo as thoroughly as you did. I love exploring open world game environments looking at every inch of everything and I really wish I had a XSX right now to run around in the world for myself. Edit: I watched the whole thing…this would really scratch the urban exploration itch like Cyberpunk 2077 does to an extent

  6. Looks amazing and glitches can be ignored, to a certain extent, due to it all being in the Matrix world, like the odd inconsistencies of crash physics and damage. The only thing I wish games like this would ad is air particulates and smog/fog. Everything is just too clean.

  7. It looks like some places are more detail and some not, in some places it looks really good, almost like movie with some added CGI, but in other palces, it's clearly visible that it's just a game. Good thing is that they can say it's just a mistake in Matrix when you see some bugs there.

  8. i'm not impressed. The visuals look epic yes.
    But if a car shootout and some driving is the only thing you can do…..Then it wil be just another overhyped cutscene game.
    They should give at least more action less cutscenes. it's a videogame not a movie.

  9. I noticed a lot of fps drops while driving in my series x, noticed as well in all seriex x gameplays. This demo is awesome. But it makes me think, if we ever get a game like this, it will hardly run on next-gen consoles.

  10. anyone notice the license plates say unreal!, also is this just a demo for unreal engine 5 or will it be a real game

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