The Last of Us Part I – 7 Minutes of Gameplay | PS5 Games

7 minutes of uncut gameplay from The Last of Us Part I featuring Joel, Ellie, and Bill.

Re-experience the game that set a new bar for single-player narrative storytelling with The Last of Us™ and explore a ravaged and hardened world, where every action has a brutal consequence for Joel and Ellie.

Winner of over 200 Game of The Year Awards, completely rebuilt for the PlayStation®5 console.

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Available on PS5™ September 2, 2022.
In development for PC.

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Rated Mature


  1. Uhh… a little bit let down? I mean the hair looks nice, but the gameplay feels forced just as the tension (when he takes the gun and tells to run, then they do a full circle what the f), could have been scripted better. Also It looks just as I have remembered it

  2. The best game franchise of all time. I’m ridiculously overwhelmed by both 1 and 2. Played through probably 30 times each. Just don’t know how a game is so emotionally involved over anything else.

  3. I remember playing this part on grounded in ps4 remaster took me about 30 tries because i didn’t save ammo. One of the most rewarding games to play on highest difficulty. Then the bloater in the school was a nightmare too but awesome at the same time. Another 30 tries that part took.

  4. I told myself I'm going to wait out for a bit, not to get the PS5 just yet.
    Now I think I'm gonna head out to look for one, just to replay this.

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