The Last Faith – Official Gameplay Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

The Last Faith – A dark, gothic alliance of soulslike and metroidvania. Coming to PS5 and PS4 this year.

The wicked and the blessed will be judged the same – let nothing stand in your way.

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May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit  rating information.


  1. On est dans la nouvelle génération de la console et comme je il nous met de la merde il faut que Sony se réveille un peu on a acheté une console très chère à la fin comme jeu on a que de la merde

  2. Smra Castlevania…per me 2D così è magari me lo.fai pagare 80euro..puoi anche tenerlo

  3. Was this made by the same people who made Blasphemous? Because, I don't mean to be negative, but the tileset looks extremely familiar. And I don't mean that just because it's pixel art. I would know – when I was making my final project at college years ago I made a short platformer demo and spent several hours studying Blasphemous' rendering style in order to make pleasant, unified graphics. When I saw this trailer I was like "wait… didn't I draw that at some point" which is a… very strange feeling to have. Except my project was just for research is this is, well, market product :0

  4. How many of you here becoz of thumbnail looks like 'Castlevania' ?
    And gameplay looking same too 😎

  5. This kind games used to be on my old nokias, I'm not even slightly impressed by this kind of visuals for a console that is benchmark in peak performance ! If this game is made for mobile i would have loved the game !

  6. Parece muy bueno, aunque con esos gráficos no veo por qué no podría correr en una mesa drive de 16 bits. O sea es un poco bajo para las PS4 y 5

  7. I'm looking forward to this game, but it looks very similar to Blasphemous. Blasphemous is one of my favourite games ever made and I'll happily play another, but I hope there's characteristics to the gameplay that distinguish it from that title. Even the in-game fonts for text are the same.

  8. "Im gonna take bloodborne and made it a platformer and act like I creaded something original"
    The locations and some of the bosses are legit ripped right out of bloodborne

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