The First 17 Minutes of RimWorld Console Edition PS5 Gameplay

Ludeon Studios indie sci-fi management game, RimWorld, is a top down construction management experience. The First 17 minutes of gameplay for the console edition releasing for PS4 and Xbox One on July 29, 2022.

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  1. This game is GREAT!! a bit of learning curve at first but once you get pass that! its one of the best! you can have it easy! or super hard!! events are random! it really is like you are in a world

  2. Wow. They did an incredible job with this port. Such a complex game ported with a custom intuitive UI for console and it plays this well with a controller! Glad more people will get to play this masterpiece

  3. That doesn't look clunky compared to the PC version, at all. It was painful to watch.

    It is nice console is getting it, but some more work is needed.

  4. The console version needs mods. The mods make a great game a perfect game. The community has thought of everything! My personal favourite is androids and ship building

  5. The people who made this game intended to compete for the title "The ugliest graphics in 2022" (worst graphics in 2022?). The graphics in old Warcraft games (from the 90s) were better.

  6. Damn this is like a completely different Game. Reminds me of CK3 or Cities Skylines Console Versions. You really get a completely different Experience than on PC.

  7. Over 800 hours in this game and I'm one of the newer guys this thing is a true masterpiece don't let the graphics fool you. I'm not sure how they will work with console but the modding scene is also very large and you can customize the game to be basically anything you want from a wild west town to a fallout or elder scrolls simulator and everything I'm between. Have fun and may randy random bless your colonies

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