THE DARKNESS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K ULTRA HD] – No Commentary

The Darkness 1 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full The Darkness Gameplay on Xbox 360. This The Darkness Gameplay is recorded in 4K 60FPS on Xbox 360 and will include the full game, all endings and all boss fights.


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The Darkness is a first-person shooter video game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by 2K Games. The player takes on the role of Jackie Estacado (Kirk Acevedo), with the story presented through narration by himself. The game includes a range of modern-day weapons as well as the powers of the Darkness, which include summoning four creatures called “Darklings” that can attack foes. The Darkness powers cannot be used in a well-lit area but can be used in darker areas and under total darkness. The player is able to shoot out lights to help increase the amount of dark energy available. The game has several levels based on New York City locales that players visit multiple times. A subway system allows the player to move between areas. While the main plot is primarily linear, requiring the player to visit each area in a certain order, the player can undertake side missions by speaking with non-player characters that wander the subway stations.

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  2. If they made a movie that was made by both Sin city and Spawn I think this would be a really cool movie.

  3. If you don't shoot Paulie at the end, he pulls out a gun and kills you. So there's really no getting away.

  4. I loooooved that game! I remember doing the whole game with pistols, they were so smooth I refused to use any other weapon unless necessary!

  5. This game was so awesome! It was like what if SlenderMan met Venom and needed a human host without intangibility.

  6. This game deserves a remastered remake, including putting it on Steam for PC users. In addition, this game deserves a 3rd, 4th, and even 5th sequel. The 2nd game of the original darkness was nice, but I like the first one better due to the powers and stealth.

  7. We need the darkness 3 and they should introduce the witchblade it could start a new franchise with Sarah Pezini.

  8. I played The Darkness II. I came across it by pure chance as a pre-owned. Loved it and played it a number of times. I will have to see if the 1st is still available and give it a shot. I don't mind playing old classics. Still dabble with HL2 once in a while. Thanks for the video, I won't watch it all but will give it 15 minutes so as not to spoil it for me. Thanks again ! I will check out Steam because I am on PC. Wish me luck !

  9. I remember the end credit of TD2 where Jackie sit on the sofa and his gf lying on his lap. The scene was so calm and peaceful, it makes me happy but also sad knowing that jackie and his love can't be together anymore.

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