1. This game combines so many great concepts from different brs and I’m here for it I can’t wait to see how this game progresses

  2. I wouldnt mind a new pubg with a different skin. This isnt it unfortunately but I would really look forward to a pubg with a different skin.

  3. Looks fun but I dont like some of the extra dynamics in this game. I dont like valerant or csgo or lol models where you have to build and buy things durring the match. I just want to loot fight and survive not go to the scrap wheel and craft items or level up weapon parts or buy my buddy back to life…or have one ultimate skill you can use once IF you do things the way they want you to… you can make games different while still having simple dynamics and mechanics…and still being tactical.

  4. I'm actually disappointed from this game especially the fps mode because it doesn't feel like a game with grafhics and overall movement and recoil of a game from 2021.
    If you know the game "warface" then it feels very similar.

  5. the game is good but the increase of an damage for craft is not ideal we are not playing mind craft are we

  6. I've really enjoyed this game so far. My only complaint is there's one ability that I don't feel fits the game and that's the big jump. One of the specialists gets a jump that lets you sky rocket like the HULK. I know the game is called super people but its the one ability I dont think fits the game at all and its kinda BS compared to all the other specialists abilities.

  7. Is this just for PC or can I get this on xbox series x.typed it into store but it never came up. If so does anyone know when this will be released

  8. Is no one else going to say something about him using aim assist? Every time he aimed down the sights the enemy was right on the dot he didn't have to adjust at all….

  9. anything is better than PUBG at the current state.. chinese cheaters on each match, server performance poor…

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