Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Gameplay Trailer – “Flash and Burn” | DC

Task Force X has a target: Kill the Flash or die trying.

Check out the first official Gameplay Trailer of Suicide Squad Game and experience how each super-villain’s unique abilities combine to create chaos in Metropolis.

Coming in 2022 to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Gameplay Trailer – “Flash and Burn” | DC

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  1. I want rocksteady to do a moon knight game, I feel they'd do pretty well(hopefully break the thing with people saying it's marvels batman)

  2. What kind of idiot still lowballs super-speed as a power these days, let alone the FLASH's extra-OP version? You could be dead faster than a gunshot could kill you.

  3. After the mess that was Avengers the game. I really really hope this does well. Guardians was really fun but because of Avengers, not many people played it.

  4. I don't get it. I really don't. I know I am a Batman fanboy, but why not make a superman game? A justice League game? A flash game?

    Why take one of the best fictional universes and use shark head and captain boomerang while you have the Joker, batman, wonder woman, superman, flash, green lantern, cyborg, sinestro…. Btw, if you re enjoying these characters props to you.
    Edit: I also think that the evil superman angle is so overplayed, I got tired of it.

    If you don't want to make another Arkham game, I get where you re coming from. We had 4. But the rest of the heroes they have none.

    What is absolutely beyond me, is the Gotham knights game.

    I mean the new batman movie broke ticket sales records for the pandemic era (for WB). Basically when batman is done right, he is a goldmine and you choose to make a game in his universe without him.
    I am not saying that Batgirl, nightwing, red hood, and robin are bad characters. But why not have batman there as well, especially after creating playing mechanics for them 10 years ago?

    Edit: if you are excited and want to play the s***t out of this game, I am happy for you. This is just an opinion.

  5. I just beat Arkham Knight and am hyped for this game. Fighting the Justice League as Boss characters makes sense since they're so overpowered.

  6. Here’s my theory about how the plot goes.
    In the trailer, it shows wonder woman squaring off against Superman, which makes me believe that Wonder Woman is not brainwashed by brainiac. I also think that Batman is not brainwashed and has possibly been in hiding, if this game takes place after Arkham knight.
    If this is true I think that Batman and wonder woman will help the suicide squad turn the justice leauge back to normal and the final fight will be against brainiac.

    I hope this is true because I really don’t want to kill any of the justice leauge. 😂😂😂Especially if they arnt even bad and are just mind controlled.

    I think that it would be fire if this game sets up a justice leauge game in the future. I love the idea of expanding the universe of the arkham games.

  7. For some reason I think this is gonna be a 1-4 player campaign with friends or by yourself. Or separate parts of the game where you play as one of the members for that part of the level

  8. 0:27 absolutely love that he posed.
    They could've made it simple but actually animated him posing for a few frames instead of making it simple, you see the flash's blur and don't think much and that's all you need

  9. I would be 500% okay if DLC is other villains. Don't make them broken, but just have them with different dialogue, loadouts, and style of gameplay. Like I said, no need to make them broken, but I would love to play as Manta or Spider

  10. Calling out Flash being the "Loser of the League" was true but kinda bad to insult a guy who can literally run across the globe to land a devastating punch to the face. XD

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