Smooth Vanguard PS5 Gameplay

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Gameplay on PS5.

Here is some COD Vanguard beta multiplayer gameplay on PS5 from yesterday, I am playing on controller and usually play Mouse and Keyboard on Modern Warfare and Warzone so I’m not the greatest… ( i still got some nice killstreaks and clips) Next weekend I will play the open beta on PC, I hope you enjoy and have a great day 🙂

Outro Song :
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Flamethrower Streak #1 0:00
Death Machine Streak 2:47
Clips / Highlights 3:47
Outro Flamethrower Killstreak 4:54


  1. The Difference between the movements compared to PC and PS5 is insane to see! You seem so much faster on PC then you do on console!

  2. Is it any good on ps4? I only have a ps4, and want to get the game, cause I’m not at a place where I can buy a pc or ps5

  3. Some improvement vanguard can do to make it better than MW2019:
    1) Lengthen the TTK from MW
    2) More launch content
    3) Make the shadows slightly brighter
    4) Please don't add doors in the final build
    5) The streak system (Please someone tell me it's not killstreak again)

  4. Is it just me or I just haven't experience what these people been commenting? Never cared for sbmm and just played the game. Never ran into a cheater once! Been playing Warzone for almost a year now and I seriously haven't had any problems or complained to any what you guys are saying.

  5. Oh my you can literally turn the stg 44 into a G3/AK hybrid. I will expect tons of "cursed guns" compilations in the next future 😂

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