Six Days in Fallujah – Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

United States military veteran Sgt. Jason Kyle and the developers at Victura and Highwire Games walk you through the first-ever gameplay video of Six Days in Fallujah, the tactical first-person shooter with procedurally generated mission spaces based on real-life events from 2004’s Second Battle for Fallujah in the Iraq War. This first reveal of gameplay follows a reveal trailer and other marketing materials for the return of Six Days in Fallujah that stirred up community concern with complicated and, for some, painful connections to real world events ( For more background on the return of Six Days, we have an in-depth interview with development leads Peter Tamte and Jaime Griesemer in IGN Unfiltered #56:

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  1. Games like this must be made.
    1. We need to remember them, their sacrifice, their struggle, for us, for freedom. Why are the names of fallen soldiers are etched in stone in WW2 memorials?
    2. Denying us reality, blinds us to evil, cripples us from having the strength to confront evil when it arises.
    3. We must be prepared, we must be trained, otherwise evil will face no resistance.

  2. This game normalizes war crimes against iraqi people. The us army bombed civilians indiscriminately and used white phosphorus and depleted uranium and all kinds of other forbidden weapons of mass destruction. To this day fallujah children are being born with defects as a result of these atrocities.

  3. why would any self respecting squad leader put his name against a project profiting from the loss of his squad? real honour in losing your men and then promoting a game where death just sets you back a level.

  4. This game deserves WAY more attention. It has a backstory and features your everyday fps doesnt have. He could have died on his son’s birthday. This is a true game.

  5. Looking at this video now, especially with what's going on in the world, as someone who enlisted and ships in less than 4 months, if the marines go back to Afghanistan, this could be my future

  6. They should also show the innocent civilians the us army killed in places like Iraq Afghanistan Syria and many more places. This is not allegations they are proven facts as many documents have been released and many soldiers have come forward admitting it.

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