Season 11 HEIRLOOM Scout w/ Double Tap Gameplay! – Apex Legends Season 11

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  1. Warning do not let your family play Apex … it’s a white racist game … and I have heard players calling kids nigger or spics …
    The game kills non whites every game …

  2. I have been specifically waiting to see Rich's reaction yo using G7 heirloom haha 😁. Idk if I know anyone who loves this gun as much as Rich

  3. Lol that first long range fight with the 2x sight got me thinking of the Doc. "Peak me! Come on! You get one peak! PEAK ME!"

  4. I don’t know what it is but I haven’t had to struggle to use a new legend since season 7. I loaded this one up got into a game first and second teammates don’t pick Ash and I go right ahead more often then not that’s the case, where as back before I remember if I or a friend picked loba or rev, rampart, and I even recall crypto when they came out, the third in the party would drop 100 percent of the time cause they didn’t get to pick the new character.

  5. Honestly I didn’t even read the patch notes, all I heard was that sweet sound of double tap and was like OMG ITS BACK!! my favorite gun either way to be honest ♥️ (the rampage has quickly become a go-to though)

  6. Rich, so many people crying that there favorite marksman is going into the care package. We could have had a marksman in each class, now everyone in my squad are going to be fighting for a triple take.

  7. That reminds me of ur S3 gameplay g7 1x holo 500meters away just doing dmg and dmg and getting a noch and doing dmg love u carry on how ur doing

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