SCORN Gameplay Demo 16 Minutes 8K

Scorn Gameplay Demo New in remastered/AI upscaled 8K ULTRA HD and amazing 60FPS for PC, XBOX SERIES X/S.

Release date: October 2022

Scorn is an upcoming atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry. It is designed around an idea of “being thrown into the world”. Isolated and lost inside this dream-like world you will explore different interconnected regions in a non-linear fashion. Scorn is being developed by Ebb Software.

Developers frequently posting updates on their Twitter account, check it out:

*Please note that the original resolution of some of clips in this video were 720p and some of them 2160p – all of them were AI upscaled to 4320p 8K – so this is not native 8K gameplay of Scorn. It will looks much better in native 4K or even 8K after the release. And yes, it will be here on my channel as soon as possible after the release!

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  1. The last time I got so excited was way back in 2005 when I watched the first video of TES 4 Oblivion. I practically burned a DVD disc while watching 15 minutes of gameplay. And Oblivion did not disappoint. Hope this game doesn't disappoint.

  2. Does anyone remember the game prey from like 2007? The original one with tommy? These organic weapons and the Aline environmenTs look just like that game.

  3. Parece um nave ou um base sem uso e personagem recolhe recurso para sobreviver no próximo ambientação.

  4. Ничего близкого с Гигером. Навно полное ни одного художника там, чтобы хотябы поправили. УНЫЛО!!!!!

  5. Пиздец русские игроки прям поэты! Они знают гигера но не Гигера и разбираются в искусстве ну прям – ЫКСперды твою мать за ногу! Только они забыли что это демо версия и что к релиу полноценному всё может измениться…

  6. Чот нудновато … Да, атмосферка в стиле Гигера, но какая-то плоская для шутана ) Лучше Биосшок переиграть ))

  7. Damn, reading the comments made me realize that many people have never heard of Giger. At least maybe this game will make them check his stuff out.

  8. Depends on the price, I could get into this. It looks like if HR Giger decided to ramble during a triathlon where every mile someone’s recording his thought after giving him salvia lmao

  9. The aesthetics of the game truly reminds me of Alien and what I saw in Alien Isolation during Marlow's flashback.

  10. TBH this game isn't about gameplay at all. Much more about the visuals, the world and the story. But who knows, maybe it will throw in some unexpected things.

  11. this game/place/stuff looks like cenobites from hell raiser had sex with the xenomorph environments of the aliens franchise, with pieces of dead space walls and floors for good measure, and some flood from halo just for the fun of it. The 3 dimensional imagery is nuts. it must of taken so long to make, so many high quality models, and to mess with so many polys. Im reminded of an older game which I think was called ''Void''. This game reminds me of alot of things. I have been surprised by this demo. That doesn't happen often. No dialog is a bit odd, I think if they are going to completely abandon dialog they need something else, but exactly what im un sure. Pretty cool well done dev team looks dope.

  12. Audio and visuals 10/10…if this had MOVEMENT, SPEED visceral combat closer to DOOM ETERNAL. This would b the easiest day 1 purchase ever. Im a massive Gieger art collector, and the team NALILED it. 100/100 Currently, it looks like a great rental. I would buy a console for it.

  13. I wonder how they keep the place germ in under control since everything is inserted things in

  14. I’m easily entertained by the interactions with our character and things in the environment

  15. This is very disgusting! It's very terrible! This is an abomination! But it's wonderful! It is a masterpiece!

  16. За 16 минут ничего не происходит. Очень скучная игра

  17. If Scorn was a $60 walking simulator i would still happily pay full price for the game.
    By the time I was 20 I was a heroin and meth addict. I ended up going to county jail for 2 weeks for posession less than a gram.
    It gets really boring in jail so I started drawing a lot even though I was terrible at it. I was already a fan of Giger by then so I had two tattoos of his below my knees (the two daggers from "Phallic Distress")
    In jail you can only have these cheap rubbery pens, but i got really good at redrawing those tattoos and I started drawing my own stuff based off of those tattoos so my original stuff is heavily inspired by Giger)
    People would ask if I was a tattoo artist when they saw my drawings and when I said I wasn't they said I should be, so when I got out I became one.
    I got a cheap dragon hawk tattoo gun and I learned to tattoo. That was 15 years ago.
    I've been sober for 15 years as well and I have a beautiful family and my own tattoo studio. HR Giger and his whole art style heavily changed and influenced my life.
    Whatever this game turns out to be I know I'll love it.

  18. Looks like a chill horror game… Just played Resident Evil 7 or 8 and is tired but still craving horror? Scorn is the solution for all your problems

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