Sapiens Gameplay Overview | 2022

Sapiens is the new game we are looking at today with an Overview/Review of what it is and how its gameplay plays. First we will review the need to know basics of Sapiens before jumping into deeper gameplay impressions. Create your own prehistoric civilization and lead your tribe in a world you shape. Start with nothing, build towns and industry, and advance through thousands of years of technological breakthroughs in this intimate yet expansive colony sim.

Sapiens Gameplay Overview | 2022 Walkthrough:

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Outro- Fright Night | Odd Chap


  1. When you have trouble investigating non-structure resources (such as flax or chopped wood vs a planted tree,) try making a resource container for it to be collected in. Then investigation will be easier.

  2. So you can push f2 and then click on recourses to see what you have. Also you have to find other fruit trees just explore a bit more and you should be able to find enough food to feed your tribe. I just bought this game yesterday it is a lot of fun. Once I learn it a bit more I might also do a series.

  3. Interestingly enough human lifespans have not actually increased much since the early point as original Homo sapiens emerged. It’s more has to deal with nutritional intake and how well we take care of ourselves even during the early recorded times people could still live in their 90s and to 100, probably not a peasant but nobility or tribal leaders or stuff like that could easily live into old age. Wild chimps even live to 35-40 usually so for a human in a similar situation that’s better at using tools I’d say 40s would be normal.

  4. I was going to rant about how people used to live longer than we thought because the historical averages included child mortality rates, and that most people who lived past childhood actually tended to live quite long lives. Then I remembered that these are cavemen, not medieval peasants.

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