SAMURAI WARRIORS IS BACK! Epic Musou Action in Samurai Warriors 5 Gameplay Part 1

Samurai Warriors 5 launches today! Here’s a look at some brand new gameplay from the beginning of the game. Gameplay part 1.

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  1. I've not really enjoyed any of these games since Dynasty Warriors 5, I didn't like the way they had taken the combat.

  2. This game is so awesome but it has a big issue. The online multiplayer is a mess. In both Musou and Citadel mode you or your friend have to clear a mission first, so that one of you must play the mission again. 🙃 Want it to play the entire game with my brother.

  3. I never played samurai warriors but I play dw up till 5 empires then just fell away from it when they started putting all the characters in dresses

  4. Why are they using the same death animations as dw7 lol and is it just me or does there seem to be a lack of sound effects and impact when you attack enemies 🤔

  5. I do actually appreciate how this game goes back to basics. One unfortunate thing though is how stiff Nobunaga's default moveset is. It does open up fairly quickly with new moves and of course there are other characters to play as too.

  6. I love this kind of games but unfortunately I am missing out on a lot of them just because bandai is refusing to make those games work on ultra wide monitors. Almost all bandai games does not support ultra wide and they look super ugly when stretched while indie developers support all types of resolutions.

    I used to love bandai but i tend to avoid all of their games until they start to support all resolutions

  7. Oh no. A soft reboot? And they made everyone anime pretty boys. God dammit. My favorite part of the original Samurai Warriors was how distinct every character portrait was, most even based on drawings of the characters in history. This just looks… soulless.

  8. Dude samurai warriors and one piece look the same i mean maps missions k.os wow they look so Similar

  9. These games make me wish for a full Kessen 2 remake or a new game in line with the 2nd, one of my favourite ps2 games.

  10. Oh man, as if I didn't need more reason to finally get a Switch. Samurai/Dynasty Warriors games got me through High school. I love these games so much

  11. Aww yes, another dynasty warriors game where the AI looks at you 90% of the time while you cut them down. It's so incredibly low effort, why do you people buy it?

  12. As someone who played a lot of Dinasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors when I was a kid, I'm disappointed with the lack of innovation in these games. I would like to see things like harder games and meaningful choices in the battleground instead of the default "rush to capture the enemy barracks". When I was a kid I remember fighting Lu'Bu when you were supposed to run from him just because it was so fun trying to kill him while he was fully buffed and could one shot you. Please make these games harder.

  13. They did Nobunaga awfully
    These moveset are so basic and straightforward compared to other characters
    Almost the same like first SW Custom Character 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

  14. I do honestly hope this game turns out better than some other entries in the Warriors series. Yet while I'm intrigued at seeing classic characters like Nobunaga and Ieyasu portrayed at different ages, visually, I miss seeing Nobunaga as more of a tall, brooding type who has attacks, and a musou attack, that leans heavily into the stories of him being something like a demon on earth. I loved the days when he could enshroud his sword in a wicked aura or when his dialogue during his musou special was something like "You dare to resist me? Then you dare to die!"

  15. I remember playing this game years ago. Was actually just thinking about it the other day and what its name was. I honestly thought it was dynasty warriors. Unless they rebranded or this is a very similar game.

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