SAINTS ROW – Game Awards Gameplay Trailer

Officially revealed at The Game Awards, our brand new Saints Row gameplay trailer gives you a glimpse of the crew’s journey to Saint-dom, sneak peeks of customisation and a buckets of those only-in-Saints-Row moments you know and love.

In Santo Ileso, you either have the power, or you want to take it. The Saints are on a path to dominating this city, and you need to lead them as whatever Boss you want to be, this is Saints Row after all. We are serving up Saint-on-faction action as we show off just some of the ways you can head off against your rivals – there are so many options from explosive weaponry and brand new guns to an up-close and personal takedown or swift melee assault. The many ways to dispatch your enemies to the Santo Ileso in the sky isn’t all we’ve got in our arsenal, we’ve got high-speed vehicle action including boats, cars, ariel assaults and of course, chaos-inducing tanks.

In just 2 minutes you are gonna see:

• New sandbox reveals including helicopter tether thefts.
• New vehicles – look out for them!
• New combat – fresh takedowns, new weapons, offensive and defensive set pieces, dual wielding and more.
• New outfits and NPCs – from the weird, to the wild, and the unfortunate Santo Ileso citizens caught up in the middle of the madness.
• Story moments – a little more about the Saints’ rise to power.
• A pinch of customization – we are a tease.
• And a whole lotta Saints Row DNA.

What a ride! Strap in, The Saints are coming for you on August 23 2022!
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Music Credit: Tres Delinquentes – Delinquent Habits

Welcome to Santo Ileso, a vibrant fictional city in the heart of the American SouthWest. In a world rife with crime, where lawless factions fight for power, a group of young friends embark on their own criminal venture, as they rise to the top in their bid to become Self Made.

Experience the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever created; the unique sprawling world of Santo Ileso is the backdrop for a wild, larger than life sandbox of thrilling side hustles, criminal ventures and blockbuster missions, as you shoot, drive, and wingsuit your way to the top.

Key Features:
Witness the Birth of The Saints – Play through an action blockbuster original story full of criminality, extraordinary scenes and signature surprises laced with humor.

Discover the Weird, Wild, West – Dive in to Santo Ileso, the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever, spread across nine unique districts surrounded by the vast, majestic beauty of the Southwest Desert.

Build Your Criminal Empire – Take over the city block by block, wage war against enemy factions and tighten your grip on the streets with ingenious criminal ventures.

Fire Guns. LOTS of Guns – Shoot revolvers from the hip, fire and forget with a rocket launcher, or obliterate up close using melee heavyweights, complete with brutal takedowns. A vast variety of familiar and exotic weapons, all customizable, and all deadly fun.

Take to the Streets and the Skies – Blast through urban and desert environments in any one of the cars, bikes, planes, helicopters, VTOLs, hoverbikes, hoverboards, go-karts or equip your wingsuit to swoop around.

Unprecedented Customization – Create the Boss of your dreams, with the most extensive character customization suite ever seen in the series, then complete the look with incredible options for weapons and vehicles.

Seamless Co-Op – Experience everything on offer with a friend at any time, via fully untethered drop-in / dropout co-op, skipping the need to take either of you out of the outlandish action. Play nice together, or play all new pranks on your team mate. After all, who’s the Boss now.


  1. This game looks incredible and just makes me believe more and more that the first two game should be accessible on modern hardware, I really would love to play through those games again, I hope someone who can make this happen sees this.

  2. I just hope this game isn't as bad as the last few installments, the most broken glitchy messy games with such over the top gameplay it no longer becomes enjoyable. Their little side game bombed too, most DLC bombed.. they need to reboot, rebrand, and make a more SR1 type game. This game used to compete with GTA, but soon became a JOKE nobody was laughing at. Honestly, I don't mind the silliness or lightheartedness, I hate the fact that the games are CLUNKY af.

  3. what has become of this game series? 1&2 really had their own vibe and it felt like actual gang warfare, 3, 4, and whatever the fuck this is is just a stupid, super power sandbox to just cause destruction /: GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS!

  4. this is trying WAY too hard to compete with GTA on merit. but the fact is if i wanted to play GTA, i'd go play GTA. I come to Saints row for a different experience entirely and everything they've released about this game says that this is NOT that experience.

    this game is a disaster waiting, and i cant wait to watch it crash and burn.

    any devs who OPENLY say they dont care about previous fans DESERVE to have their game crash and burn around them

  5. Sick of the whole 'viva la revolution' crap in gaming now. These Latin/Central American settings are getting really old and feel tired and uninspired. Just Cause has done it and it's just stooping to Ubisoft standards by continuing it, even those hack developers have used this theme twice with Ghost Recon and Far Cry 5.

    Seriously, do something new. If I have to see yet another video game with 'Los' something or other in the title of a city, organisation, gang, guerilla group etc etc I'm going to yawn to the point my jaw locks.

    Give it up.

  6. I've played every Saints Row at least 5 times. I'm probably in the minority when I say this, but I actually have pretty high hopes for this game.

  7. As long as its not filled with mission where i have to follow some dumbass or wait for some dialog for 10mins each mission im good (saints row missions in general and if you dont agree play the games again)

  8. Most of the characters in the older games are nerds at first. Except Gat who reminds me of the guy with no shirt. Pierce looks like the fellow with a bow tie. This is the Saints anyone can be a gangster. That's the point of the game. Anyone who played the old ones would know that. You ready for this playa. Oldschool

  9. Is it me or is it hard to tell the difference between male and female gender? And why the comment saying “it is similar to the previous Saint Row but better”!? How is it similar and better than the previous Saint Row? It look more childish, a lot less sex appeal and violence than the previous Saint Row.

  10. I personally like that it looks to be somewhat between 2 and 3. That way it's still super silly but it got some of the still ridiculous yet down to earth vibe of 2. I don't care it's not on any of our old turf. The spirit of the Saints lives on and that's what matters. We look for trouble, and if we can't find it, we make it.

  11. It just is hilarious to me how so many people act like they've been hardcore fans for so long. Most of the people hating on this game weren't even old enough to buy the SR3 remaster 🤣

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