RUN SHELL RUN! New Avalanche BEHEMOTH War Robots Gameplay WR

War Robots Avalanche Behemoth Gameplay as Shell Breaker – WR

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  1. Unbelievable how powerful this Behemoth is with the Legendary Pilot and the right drone stuff… And although I am really beginning to hate the entire drone feature altogether: In the case of the Behemoth it allows you to even fight the most powerful brawler meta robots very successfully.

  2. You talk too much..need for watching .don't alway pause and talking too much we no need .all player understand and know

  3. cant imagine playing for years with all these PAY 2 WIN tryhards. the toxicity, game was fun back in the day, until greedy developers took over. Just like fortnite👍😂

  4. What was pick Sonic thinking about 4 seconds at least two or one seconds would be fine you would get the shield for like you know one second one second to heal one second to gain back HP but four that's enough to basically deploy a Titan or as you say the stupid shield should not be in the game the Aries the Nemesis and the Haiti should only have it

  5. "Countering a super OP meta robot that can only be played by a lot of investment inaccessible by another super OP build that isn't a meta but is also only be played by a lot of investment inaccessible to f2p" Should be a good summerization of this video and btw manni….this is like your entire current hanger on your own account where you only loose if your opponent is somehow more meta than you are.

    You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

  6. its money with the shields, they cost so much to get with the right drone. Most those guys have no skill, but money buys wins for pixonic.

  7. Also whit the drones: There are weappons whit specific effects. Then there are dronechips which give those effects to EVERY WEAPPON YOU WANT!!! Not only weppon-effects also effects like supression, which is an effect that at first was only appliabal throu the abbility of 3 robots. (Sorry my english probably sucked in those sentenses)

  8. Come with you with this stupid shield that thing should not be in the game when I was playing my Leo it ruined my poor little Leo because the shell robot came up to me killed me in like 3 seconds cuz I couldn't do any damage cuz he ran in ran out ran and ran out and is it the stupid shield as you call it kept doing its thing making stupid Shields then he kept telling himself so I died and he tips for how I do not die from a stupid shield

  9. Once i fighted a Fenrir with stupid shield drones with 3 mates and he killed me 2 times before he finally died

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