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  1. As much as I appreciate all the thought that goes behind the new champion designs.. I'd love for Riot to release a "League of legends vanilla" as it where, throw us back to a time where champions abilities where simple such as: damage, stun, shield, ult rather than "ability part 1, press again for part 2, unless combod with ability 2 which activates part four riving every champion etc" League has changed so drastically I can barely keep up or enjoy the game anymore.

  2. what if riot make a champ who's evolving when dying or receiving a skill shots, like every stun she/he gets when she/he stunned the cd of that skill will be lessen the effect to him, void champ will do coz evolving in them is indeed

  3. I can't believe they made this champion but zillian still hasn't recieved a rework and even if he did it would be a tuned down version of this champs kit….

  4. Bit out of place to put it here but if they don't make an aatrox, swain, etc(all champs that have a phase 2 like ability) for the ashen knights skinline that would literally be a missed opportunity because clearly the ashen knights came for soulslike games aesthetic

  5. Can you fix the matchmaking please? Im not a pro and I dont want to play against pros in every single game.. also the behavior that goes along with it.

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