Reacting To Apex Legends: Emergence Gameplay Trailer & New Map Changes Blog

In this new Apex Legends Emergence gameplay trailer, The Gaming Merchant reacts and discusses the new Season 10 Battle Pass skins, the new map changes, and reads the new World’s Edge map changes blog.

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  1. Do you think the new gun with actually break doors? Only cause they have shown doors breaking before and it never turned out to be true

  2. All these map changes won’t matter because fools will still wanna hot drop into fragment city and there will be like 5 teams left after 3 seconds =/

  3. Everyone's still going to land in one of three buildings in the city and die immediately. They needed to destroy and change up fragments east and west as well.

  4. Im SO glad bloodhound is getting mroe lore. honestly, the fact that this map was THEIR homeworld always was super cool, and it sounds like they are going to perhaps expand on all that, and delve into bloodhound's stuggles. I love them being all mysterious, but i want some more scrappsss

  5. My theory on blood hound mad about worlds edge destroyed is because they buried their uncle and family members and their thinking that their not sleeping peacefully

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