Pre-pre-alpha Gameplay of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Join the Visionary Realms team on a Friday night play session of Pantheon in pre-pre-alpha.

This is an extremely early build of the game. Art, animations, sounds, UI, and pretty much everything else should be considered a work in progress.

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  1. Are there going to be some specific areas where people can farm very good materials or buffs like flasks that we can sell or save for more harder content, I always liked spending free time in open world farming flasks to prepare for night raid. Please add many areas with more various farms, or reputation areas where you can trade amulets or other drops from mobs to npc that rewards with marks for each amulet u hand in, and you can buy materials or recipes from those reputation npcs, will we have that? Plss devs 😂

  2. Are we afraid we're drifting too far away from the original development philosophy? This version of the game seems to be what everyone wants to play

  3. Anyone else notice “John” was a little clueless or airheady? Not really the best dude to be the representative of this gameplay reveal…. actually honestly pretty shitty at it…
    Almost every single time brad said:
    Brad: hey john; why doncha show them some of the skills and the spell book and everythjng…
    John: oh yeah, I have been doing that, also having the book open for everyone to read…*didnt actually do that *.
    Brad: hey john; while you’re ded, why don’t you show them the town while you’re there…
    John: ignores brad
    Brad: John…?
    John: yeah yeah I know doing that! 😤 *also didn’t do that *
    Also John: *is pretty bad at decision-making and kinda suxx0rz *

  4. The art style seems very photorealistic. It will be very hard to make movement/animation look good. And bulidings often look out of place in realistic settings. But i have faith.
    All i'm hoping is that the casters will not be holding their staff like a briefcase like in this alpha, or have them glued on their backs, like other games such as WoW and ESO.
    And that melee weapons will be held with weight in mind, not like Lego toys, like this footage shows, or WoW.
    And of course a good transmog system, with dyes as well.

  5. Honestly I wouldn't show stuff like this until you have a little more going on in terms of what sets Pantheon apart. If you are looking to recreate the DAOC/Everquest experience of mob grinding to cap I hope you have plans to make that more interesting ala darkness falls. Kudos to the devs you can see the work put in, but the players you hope to win over with this game are all on pheonix freeshard playing a free and completed version of your game that came out 20 years ago. These comments are blowing smoke up your asses to an extent. We've been grinding green dudes in the woods for several decades. It's vitally important that Pantheon provides a good and FUN incentive to grind in different places. I heard one of you talk about what sets Pantheon apart without really mentioning anything new or interesting. Just an observation. I would love to see your project succeed and I wish you all good luck.

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