Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Extended gameplay video (Nintendo Switch)

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Watch this new extended gameplay footage of Pokémon Legends: Arceus for a sneak peek at what awaits you in the Hisui region.

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  1. Switch pocket monster game, like cartoon animation story, plays the protagonist. The Rockets make trouble best. How can Duobao dream game be not fun at all

  2. You know a game is bad when the Japanese YouTube channel has the comments turned off.

    The Japanese do not lie. They are the most honest people I’ve ever known, and they will tear a game apart if it sucks.

  3. I wish they would've gone for a different art style for the characters and pokemon, instead of such a 3D look, more of an anime-ish look. The genshin art-style would've been perfect. It would've felt more like pokemon in my book.

  4. It's really sad how caught up people get on graphics now, who really cares if it isn't lifelike if the game ends up being good?

    Now, if the game is bad on top of that, then I can understand. But seriously, people are too caught up on graphics now…

  5. this look amazing!!! i wish the buildings had signs of wear though, maybe plants or at least something to set them apart from each other. kinda look like copy pasted dollhouses

  6. This is the direction we want to see Pokémon go too I am so much more interested in this game then diamond remakes and the other switch Pokémon games this is what I’ve been waiting for I hope the sales do well so we get more of this type of Pokémon !

  7. It’s honestly embarrassingly cringey how much this is copying Breath of the Wild. The UI, sound effects, piano flourishes during the world. It’s just really cringe…

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