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Gameplay is HERE!🏌️
Check out the PGA TOUR 2K23 Official Gameplay Trailer.

Take control of your own PGA TOUR 2K23 experience with:
✅ Playable male & female pros
✅ Play as 🐅 Tiger Woods
✅ New licensed courses
✅ More control options
✅ Course Designer
✅ New skills + gear

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  1. Looks bland. Sticking to Mario Golf and the previous 2k. This is embarrassing. Multi million dollar company (or billion) focusing on shock value, pop culture, and advertisements rather than quality.

  2. Game looks like shit. Same swing for every player. Shitty graphics, gameplay looks boring like 2k21, didn’t see any more than a couple new courses. And the crowds look like it came out of 2005

  3. Damn, this looks awesome, I enjoyed PGA Tour 2K21 and this looks amped up from it, so I'm definitely excited. I'll gladly plunk down some cash for this. 2K Sports does a solid job of evolving their titles, other than one truly bad one in WWE 2K20, I can't think of any where they dropped the ball. I love seeing golf games make a return.

  4. Yesterday i bust out the ps3, ea tiger woods 12 the master. The masters course, presentation and the gameplay is awesome. Compared to the rory one and PGA 2k21.
    Only reason I don't play much of it is load time is unbearable for me now

  5. While the level of simulation in golf games has increased the fun has kind of tapered off.. these 2K games have done a lot to improve on that in the last few years but there’s still a ways to go.

    I don’t know how many of you remember Tiger Woods PGA Tour 05 but my god that game was fun. I think the game mode was called chasing the legends or maybe chasing Tiger. You would play a series of shorter challenges against novelty characters before unlocking a match play round against a boss legend.. you would work your way through the legends Palmer, Faldo, Seve, Nicklaus who got increasingly harder to beat, unlocking them as playable characters in the process. Finally after taking out all the legends you would be faced with a match play against Sunday Tiger Woods himself! He was impossible to beat but the satisfaction when you finally achieved it was unreal!

    The system for levelling up and unlocking gear was also just fun. Some gear was locked away behind beating certain golfers in the chasing Tiger mode but ultimately you earned money by performing well on the course and then could spend that money as you liked on equipment, skill points, and character customisation.
    There was something really rewarding about hitting a hole in one with a newly created character.. seeing the Hole in One – $1,000,000. Pop up in the corner and then being able to really pump points into certain skills or equipment.

    The character customisation was also top drawer, there were so many sliders for each area you could make your character quiet unique if you wanted. You could also assign emoticons for good and bad situations giving your golfer a personality. Personally I used to make crazy looking golfers with mad hair colours and gold teeth who would break they’re putter across the knee if the missed an easy putt but would break dance when holing out from the fairway! Dress them up in a highlands kilt and wife beater vest with their fingers full of rings.

    The game just had personality.. I can’t remember exactly what used to trigger it but there would sometimes be a cut scene with real life footage of Tiger talking to the camera, before hitting a shot or showing a famous shot of his and congratulating the player on their achievement.
    There was a section where you could walk in first person mode in a hall of fame and go into a room for each legend with their picture on the wall and see their trophies and little ornament golf balls showing their achievements and career stats.. just down the hall then was your own room in the hall of fame where you could see your own course records and starts etc. along with trophies and ornaments showing that you had matched or surpassed one of the legends records.
    There was also the arcade style driving range where you were given like 20 balls and various targets to score as many points as possible through long drives, closest to the pin and hitting moving targets.
    There was a course creator although not as good as what the golf game offers today, you still could hand pick holes from other courses and combine them to make your own, you could then change grass and tree and bunker colours and designs to your liking!

    There’s so much more I could say about the fun and personality that was in the game.. 2K is doing a really good job and heading in the right direction because the EA sports games took a down turn from 07, 08 and never recovered but they still have a little bit to do!

  6. There's still something not quite right about the player models. Like they're still not detailed enough. Same with the courses, it just doesn't feel "alive". It still looks like an upscale of a PS4 game. Which frankly, it probably is.

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