New World PvP ⚔ A Solo Player's Dream? – PvP Gameplay Commentary – Rapier / Fire Staff Build

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New world may have the best solo PvP recipe out their. What do you guys think?
Build Video (will be live soon!):

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  1. dont tell people to buy faction potions lol theyre not worth it. Just rush potions in cooking and you will be set. Pretty fun and entertaining commentary and gameplay my dude, thanks for uploading. You will be miles better with a few hundred more fights under your belt.

  2. This is going to be one of those game where you lose because the your opponent has bought a lot of HEALING POTIONS.

  3. 8:25 yeah totally makes sense a small rapier having that kind of range.

    Why is the spear which is a long reach weapon limited to half the range on the AOEs.

  4. Game is amazing… zero rewards for pvp. You gain a few rep points that's it. Its fucking pointless to flag so i have roamed hours without seeing one person… Went from being a strictly pvp game to throwing pvp to the wind. Studio had no balls and let the crying pve and farmers kill full loot and or partial loot system. Just another farm dungeon wow clone.

  5. Nice build, i was testing the rapier for leveling and PvE, but i find myself geting a lot of hits and life is droping down to fast… any tip on how to PvE with rapier??? any specific second weapon to improve the pve??

  6. The best thing about PvP and combat in general in this game is that you don't feel like if you are hitting enemies with wet noodles like in ESO

  7. Do you think the pvp will be as good as ESO kristofer? I pvp in ESO a lot and I have been since release. And the main thing I liked about the game was being able to 1vX so many people and walk away victorious. I’m thinking of maybe going heavy armor, sword and board and rapier for the fit damage and mobility since heavy armor lacks that. Either rapier or axe since I’d be getting a good heal from sword and board final stand and axe’s berserk skill.

  8. Hey bro nice gameplay, only thing I did not like is I notice people just spam abilities from both weapons and then just run around waiting for the CD, was one of my worries about the combat changes.

  9. good to see that its possible, ive flagged for pvp twice and got 1v4d by max levels both times and now i dont even turn it on anymore

  10. Fireball is probably the best fire staff skill for pvp, its instant cast and free burn. Incinerate is really strong because you can upgrade it to hit twice but very situational in pvp, have gotten quite a few nice multi kills with it though. Rapier is insanely fun for movement and bleed too.

  11. Lul speed ‘even the odds’ aka runs away until my “1vX” turns into a broken hp 1v1. Such wow. Awesome yeah

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