New Battlefield 2042 Gameplay – Lever Action Rifle, Wallhack Change + 2 New Maps!

Today we’ve got some new Battlefield 2042 gameplay via NVIDIA, PC gameplay showing off some of the technology NVIDIA will be bringing to the game including Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion, Reflex and DLSS. We get to see an update to Ji-Soo Paik’s Scanner wallhack ability, a new lever action rifle as well as footage on the Kaleidoscope and Manifest maps. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

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This channel is all about FPS gameplay, sniping, tips & tricks and guides! At the moment I’m really enjoying playing Call of Duty Warzone whilst we wait for Battlefield 2042 gameplay, details and information. I mainly do Battlefield gameplay and Battlefield sniping on all the different games: Battlefield 5, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3. I often play solos, duos, trios and squads. I have over 1000 hours experience in every Battlefield and I hope to play more FPS games in 2021 and 2022. I hope you enjoy my sniper gameplay and Warzone gameplay as much as I do making it.


  1. Lol…Their all Babs for hire..

    Also shout to u and lacky love ur channels and streams I watch all 3hrs and all videos everyday.. Will upgrade to next tier month end

  2. That scanner ability is insanely OP, it seems totally unnecessary too. Even nerfing it will still be quite over powered, I think
    It needs redesigning / removing

  3. Yall freaking out about wallhacks being a proper feature
    Meanwhile BF1 players been fighting against wallhacks for years now

  4. I’m loving the map design in 2042 way more than BFV so far, I can’t stand half the maps in BFV but the improved traversal tools and elements like the rocket on orbital actually seem really cool, even if they get a bit gimmicky eventually

  5. I wonder how this game will perform with DX12 as BFV was/is an absolute mess and basically obly works in DX11. Let's hope they'll finally implement it the right way so we can use that new RTAO without any massive stuttering or fps drops 🙏🏼

  6. Bf already has a gadget that reveals enemies on the map and every specialist can have it. So what would be the reason to play that korean girl. Everyone will just use grappling hook.

  7. Westie, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about with that scanner gadget.. MW 2019 has snapshot grenades, and they don't break gameplay. Neither does the Combat Scout perk in Warzone. Pump the brakes on thinking it's OP.

  8. This specialist with the wall hack like ability is my biggest issue/concern (along with smart explosives) in this game. Way too overpowered

  9. I was hoping for RT Reflections, refraction, and lighting more than the AO, but if they've worked on one, maybe the others will follow. Some of the different options have less performance hit and are more pleasant to look at (worth it) than others. RT Reflections in maps with lots of glass buildings and water cna be a game changer for example.

  10. The scanner always sent out a pulse.. even in the original, how is everyone missing this? watch the original trailer, it also sends out a pulse and only highlights them after each pulse… this isnt new

  11. I think the legal wallhack is a ok i think if only you that could see it not you teammate, and it's not that far only like 5 or 10 meter and the enemy is only visible when you see it so it's ok

  12. Still don't agree with the scanner but at least theyre taking it in the right direction it only highlights when ads too, i think even a location ping or 3d spot not outline would suffice but, it doesnt seem as OP as it was before but id still rather not have it at all.

  13. I think the pulse mechanic would work better as maybe a short range EMP that affects the enemy players hud, as well as maybe tanks, if you can get close enough but I’m talking like 3 seconds worth of affect and it has to be close range so it doesn’t become OP. It could be part of the anti tank class system, so It doesn’t stop the tank it just scrambles the targeting system

  14. Still not a fan of the wallhacks, don't see why this couldn't just be changed to a limited time version of the old TUGS? Like 10 seconds or something?

  15. Agree… get rid of the scan option completely… it's a legal hack!!! hypocritical of DICE if their going to ban people for hacking for doing the exact same thing that DICE have allowed in their own game.

  16. why tf have they changed the sprint and make the specialist waddle their arms like penguins. they need to change it back to the way it was at the alpha

  17. People put a lot of hate on this specialist but I’d like to mention that In the older battlefields I’ve personally played much time as a recon class and all you need is binoculars and you can literally spot players and give them a red outline for a brief time. Much longer than what you see in this video. And from any range. If those who have mixed opinions from the battlefield community could just take a step back and see that these specialists are just different forms of whats already been implemented in past battlefield games before this then I’m sure you’d feel at ease. I don’t mind the scanner now. Yes it was a bit much when you could see players behind cover but now they’ve clearly changed it to players outside of cover and the range doesn’t seem big at all to me considering how battlefield games play out. Seems like it will be around 4 pings and there is a small delay between each. The only problem is the full red body silhouette. Like I said, in past battlefields it was only a red outline. I’d prefer that.

  18. I would think If the pulse lasted longer on low level accounts and shorten up as they level up would be a cool balancing mechanIc.

  19. I'm pretty sure the clip with the helicopter was just recorded or exported at 30 or 24fps. There are certainly developers and platform holders that aren't afraid to show performance issues of early builds, I highly doubt Nvidia would. I imagine they'd turn down the DLSS quality or whatever they had to turn down before showing a clip with a fluctuating framerate. This is likely just an editing oversight.

  20. A radar blip whilst letting the targeted know they've been known allows them to retreat or change location, making the scanner a better offensive weapon

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