NBA 2K22 Brooklyn Nets vs LA Lakers PS5 Gameplay – 1st Impressions & NEW Presentation

NBA 2K22 Early access First High quality look at the Brooklyn Nets vs LA Lakers. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook vs Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. PS5 Gameplay impressions & new Presentation.


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  1. Whoever says stuff like "looks the same as 2k15" is obviously watching the video at 480p instead of 2160 or even 1080p lol

  2. I was disappointed last year and wasnt gonna buy 2K22 but I think I'll pick it up. Gameplay seems way better! Good vid

  3. Still problem with logic of dunking.. Durant, knowing his opponents at his back, should have dunked leaning forward to avoid getting blocked..

  4. The only thing that bothers me in nba2k is that the players is like playing on a slippery court with the way their shoe move

  5. An interview with a guy right in front of the camera? 2k bug never change i guess…oh wait yeah it changed to those boring AF commentators that can make one to fell asleep with the controller in the hand.

  6. 9:05 This move by Westbrook, might be the most amazing real looking play i've ever seen in a bball videogame by the cpu. They captured Westbrook likeness perfectly

  7. Niggas still buying 2k…. Lmaooo yo bro honestly it’s the same as last year… really same game just a higher price

  8. They need to start showing the commentators that are calling the game during pregame, timeouts, before halftime and after, and when they do player of the game

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