Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – New Monster Lunagaron Gameplay

Check out new multiplayer gameplay from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak featuring new monster Lunagaron!

In the new Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak, new monsters including Lunagaron are available to be taken down with new moves from your favorite weapons, including the new and improved Sunbreak longsword. MHR Sunbreak is the newest Monster Hunter Rise expansion, and the biggest one yet. This new sunbreak multiplayer gameplay features some of the coolest changes to the Monster Hunter Rise DLC. All this new Sunbreak gameplay comes from our colleagues in Japan as they got to check out the Switch version of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.

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  1. Those were rookie numbersi could do their damage total in mere seconds since I’m hitting for almost 80-100 on db hits with what can essentially be max crit chance

  2. They really couldn’t come up with a better name than a mash up of lunastra and odogaron

  3. Wow, that move set lunagaron showed here was truly pitiful. Is that seriously how the majority of the fighting is going to be? Just lame rehashed moves we've already seen?

  4. ah the pointlessness of LS gameplay, as if we won't be drowning in those videos. IG and Lance videos… lamo nope, no way in hell.

  5. What was the move used at 1:45? They did a draw attack that hit twice and led into spirit roundslash faster than the normal RTx4 combo.

  6. The new monster is absolutely beautiful. And the map is just gorgeous.

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