1. i hate when people say i’m murd and the sheriff shoots them its so boring and they murd every round it’s just so annoying how people do this they need to get the habit of this lol

  2. I love the new outfit of core its pretty cool💙💚💜🧡💛 keep safe core . Its just fun watching youre vids in the middle of the night it removes my stress haha.Keep safe core 💙💚💜😫

  3. hello! ik your 13+ but why dont u have vc? (you dont have to tell me) and, tbh, i luv ur videos! this is so funny and always make me happy 😀

    btw, you're a legend because I'm pretty picky (hihi) and I only like a few youtubers from the whole yt and you're in first place :DD

  4. Hii core ^^ i hope you feeling better now i saw your latest community post that your not feeling well and i felt sad☹️Are you feeling better now?^^I love this funny gameplay its so very funny💀the memes the edits are literally the best🤣😭I been laughing the whole time while watching this i rlly like your videos core!!Ilysm coreeee <33❣️🤓

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