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  1. The Thrustmaster SideStick Airbus Edition doesn't support XBOX X|S
    Booooo!!! Dissappointing!!! C'mon!!!!

  2. This game is freaking awesome. Flew over my house and my friends house out here in the middle of no where. It’s incredible. My only gripe with the game is, if you don’t have lightning speed internet you won’t get the best experience you could be getting, which for people like me who have 10mbs internet speed, blows. Other than that, it’s badass

  3. Hi, what was the aircraft used on the bora bora expditition and is it available on the standard edition

  4. I’m so glad they have it out on Xbox series s/x. I played it. It’s kinda hard but I’m getting use to the controls. It’s getting easier.

  5. i have a question my flight simulater doesnt have that water or graphics how do i fix it and make it look like yours
    PS i have a RTX 2070 graphics card

  6. Well that's just stupid. It's not available on Xbox one, which many people have. It's only available on the NEW Xbox console, which is impossible to find. I'm starting to hate the whole console concept.

  7. My game doesn't look this detailed it looks like a 2010 sim game. Am I doing something wrong? Or did they take less time on the state of Missouri?

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