MAX REACTS: Street Fighter VI – Gameplay Trailer & Breakdown

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Max freaks out and delves deep into the most recent look at the upcoming Street Fighter 6 fighting game from Capcom! Max looks at the new mechanics, the updated characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Luke, the new Drive system with parries, and more!

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  1. Who gives a shit about sf6 right now? The smart people will wait half a decade for the final edition (complete game) to come out for bargain basement prices…

  2. What would be cool is if Capcom finally gave some Actual respect To Asura's Wrath by adding him in the game as DLC Cause Honestly, that'd be badass.

  3. As someone who grew up playing SF2 in the arcade and still play it today, this looks slow and sounds awful. What the hell are you doing Capcom!

  4. Are the moves still ⬇️↘️➡️ ? coz my thumbs miss the ↘️ button 90% of the time 😂

  5. This entire trailer gave me SF3 vibes. the hip-hop, the heavy impacts, the parries, it's all got that same vibe

  6. That is your generic create a character, but they chose the hoodie to hide the options.

  7. Interesting that Chun-Li has a similar set/Piguaquan (crouching stance to windmill bitch slaps) as Helena in DOA. I definitely love that. If they gave Chun-Li stances, I would main her. Maybe after AKI.

  8. I love how all the characters are just hiding Fruit Gushers in their clothes that are just spilling out everywhere as they get hit

  9. The animation is looking closer to realism than the cartoony kinda look sf usually goes for and I'm living for it 😍

  10. Open world game, where you roam the world and beat other players and old SF characters?! Damn, sign me up!

  11. Yup the movements are fluid. Like the hits really do damage coz the impact and reaction of the character models are done so well

  12. They took the direction where if you don't care about fighting games or never play fighting games that now you gotta care and actually try this game. This is me. I have played fighting games back then with Def Jam but that's about but this game makes me wanna play so bad even if I don't play fighting games. For sure gonna hit mainstream this game.

  13. Chun Li is getting hotter and hotter in every SF game. I gotta say this Ryu version is badass and reminded me of Kenshiro of Fist of the North Star

  14. I think I've become more obsessed counting the amount of times Dood uses the word "RIGHT?" than anything else on every freaken video now. Jesus Dood!! 😆 🤣

  15. if 6 has a create a fighter mode with a story, I'd dedicate my hours playing it like how I'm playing WWE 2K22 My Rise

  16. Max! Seeing you react like this has made me even more excited for this game, thanks for always sharing your passion with us doode, LET'S F** GO!!!

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