Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Official Gameplay Demo (4K) | E3 2021

Join the Guardians of the Galaxy as Starlord has to make some interesting decisions before fighting their way to Lady Hellbender’s Castle.

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  1. The gameplay reminds me of Final Fantasy XV by the way Star Lord moves and the combined techniques, its kinda surreal that this game sort of looks like a JRPG

  2. Gamora from the comics and games and cut scenes and stuff will always and forever be a billion times hotter than MCU Gamora

  3. When a solid developer behind some quality writing for the Deus Ex series is forced to make an uninspired GOTG clone with the same trite banter seen in the movies because the executives want some of that sweet MCU hypetrain money.

  4. What is this pea shooter garbage? The characters are nothing like the movie characters. Like draxx is my favorite MCU character

  5. These characters look like crap, just like the Avengers game. Why can't they just use the MCU version of the characters everyone knows?

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