Mario Strikers: Battle League Nintendo Switch NEW Gameplay

‘Football’ should be in there somewhere

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  1. Ahora el juego lo veo muy… increíble y bonito pero ya no se ve tan rudo como las anteriores 🙁

  2. 3:15 isnt he supposed to kick the ball? I mean i dont play or specatate soccer much, though I do like the sport, but that looks like a foul to me.

  3. I love Waluigi a lot, and Im glad he has his moments in here. But is Daisy not in the game? D:
    Also, Love how they went back to traditional strikers in Gamecube. Will miss the intensity of Charged though.

  4. I have high expectations for the maps. I feel like it could make a big difference because right now the game is pretty mid compared to Charged

  5. Sucks That The Don't Have Their Old Intros And Outros. Waluigi Had The Best Ones. WAAAAHHH WAAHHH ? WAAHH HA HAA HAA HAAAA WAAHHHAHA
    Online Comes Out Today Till June 5 ! I Better See Yall On The Field ! 👀

  6. 1st thing I Noticed Is Its A lot Slower Than Charged & WHERE IS DAISY?? She Better Be In This Game

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