1. how do you unlock the characters after purchasing the supreme edition? I bought it but still can't select all fighters????

  2. Now, I hope I'm not the only one to notice this, but Arbiter's voice actor doesn't sound like Keith David. If it is, then I apologize to Mr. David in advance.

    of the Crimson Renegades

  3. Love KI; but whoever thought these two characters being in KI, should be fired; worst characters I've seen in a long time; nice way to ruin a classic …

  4. How do you capture gameplay? I want to capture gameplay and I am not allowed to with the Windows 10 function 🙁

  5. How to record a gameplay? I would do it too, but GameDRV doesn't work with KI at the moment on Win 10.
    Also, how to record it at 60 FPS, as GameDVR on Windows 10 currently records only at 30 FPS?

  6. This game would be good if it had different "finishers" and "ultimates" like the original KI. All you have on here is a funky ass Ultra and everyone has the buttons to do it. TRASH

  7. Is it true only works on windows 10 ? Did they put lot of time and effort just to make people upgrade to windows 10 ?
    btw where is the pc torrent ? I still can't find it.

  8. May I ask what specs you're running? I wanna get this but I don't have Windows 10 currently (my upgrade just never came through to me, dunno why) so I'm thinking of buying it for my next computer whenever I get it.

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