IGN First – Sonic Frontiers Teaser

Enjoy this small preview of Sonic Frontiers, and tune into IGN all June long as Sonic Frontiers will be the IGN First cover story. Look forward to seeing everything from world-exclusive gameplay reveals to the first ever hands-on impressions, to interviews with the game’s creators and more!

Everything kicks off on June 1st at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern time.

Music by: Tomoya Ohtani


  1. This game is not ready. Sonics model is too generic like every other sonic game. The world feels so empty in the gameplay trailer. They need to delay this game and fix it.

  2. Será que no sonic 3, a série do knuckles ou sonic frontiers, terá migthy e ray?

  3. After sonic frontiers make another game for you to customize your own character but add more wispons, animals, details and areas but make it a multiplayer game

  4. It's literally at this point where an open 3D world adventure has to be the main direction for Sonic now.
    It's the only way to really have a true 3D Sonic game and one that finally strays away from the norm of Sonic levels.

  5. After watching the Sonic movies I was like I wanna play Sonic now but none of them looked like games I'd actually play. This however looks like something I wouldn't mind buying

  6. I wish the world was more cartoon like. I think sonic matches a cartoon better than a realistic world.

  7. In Sonic Frontiers Will Amy Rose Be Alive In The End Of The Game?

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