►A first look and gameplay of Season 11 in Apex Legends! We got Ash, CAR SMG, and the new map Storm Point! Special thanks to EA for inviting me to this event. If you wanted to see my Ash overview it’s here:

►Come watch me live and I’ll say hi –

►MUSIC: mostly epidemicsounds


  1. Played it. Not fun. Random monsters bothering you, too many high mountains you can't get around, way too much foliage, etc. and those canons are just stupid, straight up. Not cool. I and several other people stopped playing: there are a gang of new games out and coming out….Apex really messed up, cause once people walk and start looking for other games too, they have a tendency to fall in love with those new games… .

  2. Wraith for the weeb aspect, Sir as a weeb and someone who doesn’t like wraith I have to say I don’t Know what your talking about. Crypto has weeb aspect, Revenant the edginess of an anime protagonist, even caustic could be an ugly bastard if you know what I mean but I don’t see it on wraith.

    I gotta know who thinks wraith has weeb aspect, tell me why

  3. Apex looks so dope man, hope it stays relevant for a few more years so I can buy a PC and play it.

  4. Dude thank you for doing actually exploration rather than straight up fighting like the other content created did. 👍

  5. This is the map where every youtuber, streamer and pro will complain that they cant find fights, while they cried the whole season 10 about being third partied in KC…

  6. Cant wait to get my pc and try apex, ima see if I like it but if I dont sorry ima have to be that one controller player on pc 😂

  7. Im happy triple takr is kinda like it orginal state now so its energy i cant remember exactly i think orginal ammo was heavy but when havoc came out after being teased for a long time it became energy

  8. havent seen your content in a while but love that if i search an apex vid, the algorithm puts you first, love your come up! Bless you and your little rew my guy

  9. EA need to fix the damn audio , In world edge I can hear the bridge lift up from across the map but I can hear somebody that’s two steps away from me

  10. Dude said “sHeS a cOnTroLLeR pLaYer” like I don’t be shitting on a lot of PC kids cause PCs are the trend now

    Just cause you play mouse and keyboard doesn’t make you skilled
    However if you’re skilled on M&K I’ll admit I’m at a disadvantage

  11. im disappointed with her ulti ,i wish can use sword like genji overwatch would be super epic ryujin no ken wo kuraeeee

  12. When the triple take first came out or in the beginning it used energy then they changed it to sniper ammo. NOW ITS BACK to energy again. AWESOME!!

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