1. Seems like quite a good game, might be a good medium between boring old civ and nasty over complex ck for me. Dont get me wrong, I do love both of the games mentioned but well civ lost its magic for me because I do want a bit more freedom from games now, and ck lost it because I do not hane enough time to finish my campaigns to the extent I want, I like it with a bit more roleplay in it and well, it takes a long time to do what ever you wanted if you are roleplaying as your characters and otherwise its just about how fast can you snowball for map painting. Hope this game can be a bit more different, hopefuly with a good modding support.

  2. I feel like a good feature is that exploration doesn't permanently reveal a part of the map before writing is developed. Almost like a tribe will "forget" certain land features if they have not seen them for a while

  3. Doesn't seem like you can have an all-black civilization taking over the roman-like civ, like the trailers suggest. I feel a little misled by the advertising. "Different cultures" is just a card you select for bonuses. It's like Civ, but you can change leaders/civ bonusses throughout the game. There's no aesthetic changes from the choice, am I wrong?

  4. Being able to completely change your culture each era pretty much destroys any interest I had in playing this. The game looks really good, but that’s such a bafflingly stupid design choice that it doesn’t really matter how good the rest of it is

  5. It's the most boring game I've seen for some time. It looks nice but what game doesn't now a days. I wouldn't play this one if I could get it for free. It's a sleeping pill of game play. You can try to hard to put to much in a game. This game suffers from trying to do everything. Do a few things well. CIV does that. Is it the best game every made. Of course not. But it does a few things well.

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