HOUSE OF ASHES Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS PC] – No Commentary

House Of Ashes Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full House Of Ashes Gameplay on PC. This House Of Ashes Gameplay is recorded in 4K 60FPS on PC and will include the full game, all endings and all boss fights.

Huge thanks to Bandai Namco for providing me with an early copy!


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The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes is an upcoming survival horror interactive drama video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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  1. I watch most, if not all the gameplay videos of certain games from your channel, but unfortunately I have to pass on this one, the sound quality is distorted and lost on some parts, some times the background sound is too good and some times it is lost completely, which ruins the immersion that type of game provides.😕

  2. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THAT AT ..3H : 50mins the curator turns around and says well done , all alive?!?
    …when i have just watched the thai guy from the other games die, Rachel just got ate . joey turned into donny darko and the headteacher was also just food for 4 demon bats ?!?!?!?!?

  3. Great game…. Salim is the ultimate chad my man folding every vampire that came in his way….
    Also the ending of the world not knowing is exactly how it is in real life……

  4. I've never played any of these games but they seem interesting, I noticed there's alot of cut scenes and not to much gameplay. Is that how the game actually is? I just skimmed through this video

  5. 18:16 – so doesnt matter what choices you make here. They both die either way. I played the demo and was a mean son bich. haha

  6. What was keeping those lights on after the generator blew up? And why don't the vampire aliens ever attack at night? They'd have hours to wreak havoc. Eric said they're supposed to be smart. Both times they came to the surface were because humans disturbed them, and there just happened to be a solar eclipse to block the daylight. They're not cunning predators. They lash out like a swarm of angry hornets. The vampire aliens didn't destroy the lights, the generator, or the turret gun despite having almost 60 years to do so. They didn't even knock the lights over by accident in all that time.

    The parasite that turned the aliens all toothy and mean apparently does the same to humans, and neither Clarice nor the Akkadian general guy seemed all that smart. Just stronger and super aggro. You could wipe these aliens out by making a ton of noise above their nest at high noon. They'd come up to attack and get burned instantly.

    How did Rachel get that vision of the aliens crashing on earth? Did the parasite give it to her? All five of them heard the whale song, but it only triggered the vision for her. But Salim said the aliens turned berserk because the parasite cut them off from the song. So if anything, everyone except Rachel should've gotten the vision of aliens crashing when the song played.

  7. havent played any of these games before. is this an actual game or is it like a cinematic game where its 90% cutscenes?

  8. My only complaint is that these always get kind of boring because not many LP's try to kill people. I mean, I know that's not the objective but it seems more easy to save people than to get them killed.

  9. You know, you always have the option to stay silent if both options arent to your liking
    Idk just felt like saying that

  10. "If something looks like shit and smells like shit, you don't have to taste it to know that it's shit." What a sweet quote.

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