GTA Online Expanded & Enhanced Xbox Series X Gameplay

This is the new GTA Online for the Xbox Series & PS5 only, let me know what you guys think of it.

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  1. GTA V e&e gives only to XBox X & PS5. Xbox S don’t get all video enhancements since video card don’t support 4K 60 FPS. ALSO do frozen money glitch before you transfer it to upgrade to GTA V e&e and it’ll stay frozen forever ♾. All glitch’s have been fixed ppl working for ways around it also goto display setting and change to performance or performance fs

  2. Sure, it’s scummy that Rockstar are making us pay for what should be a free update but for £10 you’re getting 60fps and improved graphics which is a pretty amazing deal. A lot of people are hating on it for being “The same game” or “Not different enough” but it’s not meant to be a new game, it’s just meant to be regular old GTA V but runs smoother which it does. I’ve played it since release and I can safely say it’s definitely worth the money to bring an old gem back to life, similar to the GTA definitive edition.

  3. Not quite sure how I feel about the new explosion effects.
    They seem kinda slow, like, the flash of yellow/white from the combustion seems to last a few milliseconds too long imo.
    Other than that, they did an excellent job bringing out vibrancy in this version.

  4. You know what would be good to add on the next gta? If you don't have a bullet proof vest on and get shot in the chest or back, your body reacts like real life, you have to keep calm to slow down the bleeding and get help before you bleed out and the character have to really show effects like bending over and bleeding from the mouth. On the side it tells you if the bullet hit any main arteries. Same for other body parts, but with those other spots, you can bandage it up. I say this because I see Franklin running around with hella bloody bullet wounds in his shirt. I bet people wouldn't just be running out there guns blazing anymore, knowing that all it take is 1 bullet if you don't have armor on. Getting hit with sticks, bats or any melee weapon should actually land on whichever part of the body hit and that part of the body should be bruised or cut. Which can slow you down with running or using your arms.

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