1. this is e real easy settings or game is not realistic like they say…killings are unreal and so easy…climing up to stairs to kill sniper and he dont hear u…this is kids easy settings..

  2. I've played this game to death and still love it, I can't play extreme though. I'm too impatient. I always advance too early.

  3. How are you able to aim quickly and accurately? To the best of my knowledge, this game has no auto-aim. How do you achieve that please?

  4. Is this game worth playing alone. I haven't played WD 2 and this. which one is better overall? Can't decide.

  5. I Play this game everyday with friends and it just never gets old, we laugh so hard sometimes at the shit we see and can do…lol. The melee takedowns are the best and the sounds made during them are friggin awesome…lol

  6. Makes me not want to play it anymore. Thank you. Now I can re-think my purchase or ditch it all together. Liked!

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