Forza Horizon 4 – 2003 BMW M5 E39 Gameplay

0:05 – Forzavista
1:17 – Gameplay

Autumn Season

Xbox One X 1080p 60FPS Gameplay (Performance Mode)




  1. E39 is the one and only model where no game can get the rear lights correctly, like the gc8, it looks like shit

  2. 1/10 cars in FH4 sound nice. Hopefully they’ll get it together with the exhaust notes and fire spitting. I was cruising in one of these earlier and it spewed flames for a solid 5 seconds. It was stock.

  3. They couldn't sample the sound b.c. these cars are unreliable and probably died during the sound recording. Who cares, make it sound like a truck

  4. First they started recyling the same engine sounds regardless of manufacturer…. now they just did insult to injury by fucking it completely…. Oh boy.

  5. First i was like why are the details in the whole game so awful (played FH3). Then I saw the XBOX popup:D

    Nice to see that these "4k" consoles are still shit.

    And why does this BMW sould like a mowing mashine from GTA SA?

  6. i hate that they do this computer generated sounds that dont sound authentic at all just to keep up with the car variety. they have to money to record the sounds of cars like this. i would understand if they did it on rare car or super expensive ones but not on this one

  7. ¿Que tipo de control está utilizando? ¿Que marca de volante recomiendan para la versión de Windows 10?

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