Forspoken – State of Play March 2022 "Worlds Collide" Gameplay Trailer | PS5

Frey is pushed to her limit in the strange and cruel land of Athia. She must use her magic-enhanced combat and parkour abilities to survive against the fearsome, twisted creatures that lurk in the Break.

October 11, 2022

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  1. Does this soundtrack remind of 'What's up danger' from 'Into the Spider-Verse' to anyone.?

  2. I'm off an opinion now that if a game does not have a multiplayer mode to enjoy or adventure with friends. I kind of don't wanna play it. We all now it can be done with any game so why fight it?

  3. Game: Meh
    Main character: Goblina de las Americas
    Soundtrack: OogaBooga OogaBooga
    Console: Wokestation5
    Subhvmans: worshipped
    Woke 3/10
    Yes, a game that fit with AMERICAN STANDARDS

  4. The demonstration of true black power! Another reason why we need more of us as the main character and NOT some side piece they kill off!

  5. This game must not be played alone, it must be coop support, otherwise it will go out fast. It must be from small bosses to big bosses. game difficulty. must have epic silas and armors. There must be several classes. Most importantly, it should be open world.

  6. I want to get excited for this game but why does ffxv looks better than this game? Also i hate how some of the magic looks like glitches/screen tearing not a fan of that.

  7. I get excited… But the last years showed me never get to hyped. Hope this one is a Banger.

  8. Didn’t realize this got delayed until October. Hopefully the hogwarts game doesn’t come on the same time. I’m a budget and I have to pick and choose what to purchase. I’ll also say I’m getting GOW so that’s why I have to choose

  9. I'm sorry but I can't get pass the snarky comments and punchlines dialogues, sounds like any other stereotypical teenager. Too much Marvel's movies in a bad way (Thor -Ragnarok comes to mind), this dialogues can work in movies like DeadPool, but for a fantasy game is very off-putting.

  10. If this game will really be like this in the trailer… man, I'm so excited! It seems even better than I had ever imagined since I saw the teasers a few months back!

  11. I have preordered this, now this might be a mistake or a gem, but I wanted to do my part and support the devs.

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