Forspoken – PlayStation Showcase 2021: Story Introduction Trailer | PS5

Forspoken arrives Spring 2022 on PlayStation 5.

Mysteriously transported from New York City, Frey Holland finds herself trapped in the beautiful and cruel land of Athia with a magical, sentient bracelet wrapped around her arm. Her new, cynical companion “Cuff” helps Frey navigate through the sprawling landscapes of Athia.

In search of a way home, Frey will battle monstrous creatures, confront the powerful Tantas, and uncover secrets that awaken something much more from within.

May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit  rating information.


  1. Square Enix should become part of PlayStation….. it makes infinite sense when you consider the IP's and Sony's ambitions in anime, film and gaming.
    Make it official by 2024, the 30th anniversary of PlayStation.

  2. I can't wait to play this but does anyone else see that that there's something really off about Frey's face? I think it's that her eyes and eyebrows do not move. It's all just kinda frozen in one place. Hope it's something they address in the run up to release.

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