FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake PC Gameplay (4K High Settings)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC Gameplay in 4K using a 3090 4K High Ultra Settings
Game Link – (Use Creator Code) TheGameRiot
By exploiting mako, the life-blood of the planet, through their mako reactors, the Shinra Electric Power Company has all but seized control of the entire world. A ragtag group of idealists, known as Avalanche, are one of the last bastions of resistance.
Cloud, an elite SOLDIER operative-turned-mercenary takes part in an Avalanche operation to destroy Mako Reactor 1 in the city of Midgar.
The bombing plunges the city into fiery chaos, and Cloud is tormented by visions of a bitter enemy long thought dead.
Once more begins a story that will shape the destiny of an entire world.
This game is a remake of FINAL FANTASY VII, first released in 1997.
The first title in a multi-part series, it is based on the story from the original game, up to the escape from Midgar, adding in new elements.
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  1. Square did one thing though, showed to us just how incredible their Luminous Engine of ff 15 is compared to this unreal engine used in making the 7 remake.
    ff 7 remake looks like a 90's game or something so blurring, not much detail etc…. compared to FF 15.

  2. thanks cant wait to play never play any final fantasy games before is it best to stat with 7 or there an order of playing thanks

  3. Finally this game at 60 FPS. I played this game on PS4 Pro. The FPS is 30 ish, probably drops to high 28 fps

    I bet the texture maps looks better on PC too. Just in time too because my PS4 Pro has been having issues. It’s just super slow even at the menu screen, even from power on. It’s silly for Sony to put planned obsolescence on PS4 when people still can’t get PS5 at retail prices. I swear my PS4 ran much better before PS5 was released.

  4. I complaints already regarding stutter issues etc. i wanted this so baaaddd!!! (Got it on my ps4) but with all the issues ima hold out for a bit till it is fixed. I am sure mids and fixes will be available soon…

  5. Good gravy, how is this level of voice acting acceptable for a game that costs $70? (Let’s not even talk about Barrett.)

    Sure is purty though, I’ll give it that.

  6. stutter to gogo I see

    exactly like on my setup (5950x and 3080ti)

    Really bad since the ps5 version runs off perfectly

  7. If FF7R Intergrade was an Unreal Engine 5 game, the entire intro, which happens before the steam train transition, would have been made in-engine instead of being made as a pre-rendered cutscene. I would love to see FF7R Intergrade get an Unreal Engine 5 Patch that makes use of some the new technologies featured in UE5! (As seen in The Matrix Awakens Tech Demo on PS5 & Xbox Series X/S), I would also love to see the next parts developed in Unreal Engine 5 once the engine releases in 2022!

  8. SOoooooo they said they will be releasing this in episodes??? they said Episode 1 will only go to leaving midgar and is about 37hrs… was hoping this was the full game

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